18-25 Excursions

Adelaide Tree Climb

9:30-3:30, Sunday, 20th September

A fabulous safe day out for every level in the canopy of the Parklands. Breathtaking

Adelaide Zoo

9:30-3:30, Sunday, 27th September

See all the wonderful animals at the Adelaide Zoo in the city.

Escaplex Adventure Rooms

9:30-3:30, Sunday, 4th October

Escape rooms set up to work together as a team, and solve the mystery together, amazing fun.

Go-Karting & Laser Skermish

9:30-3:30, Sunday, 11th October

Go-karting fun at Kart Mania partnered with the 2 storey laser skirmish arena.

North Adelaide Aquatic Centre

9:30-3:30, Sunday, 18th October

Swimming, diving boards, spas, and saunas. It's all here at the North Adelaide Aquatic Centre.

VR Untethered 

9:30-3:30, Sunday, 25th October

Enter the world of Virtual Reality gaming at VR Untethered.

Old Adelaide Goal Tour for Halloween Weekend

9:30-3:30, Sunday, 1st November

A full tour of the Old Adelaide Goal, amazing stories and an unforgettable experience. Timed for the Halloween weekend!

Movies at Marion Shopping Centre

9:30-3:30, Sunday, 8th November

A group decision on the movie, followed by lunch and shops in the mall.

Bowling & Laser Skirmish (Kingpin)

9:30-3:30, Sunday, 15th November

Bowling and laser skirmish at the awesome bar-vibe Kingpin in Norwood.

Challenge Hill (Woodhouse)

9:30-3:30, Sunday, 22nd November

Tube slides, climbing and great fun on the huge courses set up at Challenge Hill.

BBQ Boys & Paddle Boats (Torrens River)

9:30-3:30, Sunday, 29th November

BBQ on a shaded raft out on the Torrens River, a great experience with the group.


9:30-4:30, Sunday, 6th December

Trampolines, foam pits, rock-climbing, sky walk, obstacle courses, dodge-ball and more! 


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